Down we go!

It’s been a while.
I miss writing and posting pictures.
I’ve been too occupied with starting my PhD and stuff…

So I’ll try to pick it up again!

Last year, at the beginning of March, I had the chance to go to Hawaii!!! Being a geologist, I was really excited! Moreover, it was paid for because I was going with a group of undergraduate students!!

We saw some nice beaches (some green, some black and some white!), warm water and volcanoes (sadly for my geek side, no lava… even if it’s better that way for the locals).


At the end of the trip, with some girls, we went skydiving in the North of Oahu!
It was not my first time, but it was amazing nonetheless!

The sky, the mountains and the sea in perfect harmony!
We even saw a whale!

Hawaii 2015


And that’s me upside down!




In the end, I had a lot of fun!

Hawaii is a very nice place and I got to meet some really cool people as well!

I hope I get the change to go back someday!



Winter snowstorm and cooking

So a blizzard decided to make today a “stay indoor and cook” day!

Blizzard in the city

Blizzard in the city

With the end of the semester and my vacations just around the corner (Las Vegas to San Francisco with a friend!!!), I’ve been wanting to cook but I couldn’t find the time. So let’s call this: perfect timing!

And because I couldn’t find any bread, I decided to make some!
I took the recipe from here¬†(but it’s in french… sorry).

I ended up adding some milk because my dough was very dry and I would have liked a pinch more salt!

But here is the final result!

Homemade braided bread

Homemade braided bread

Now all that is left to do is make brownies and hot chocolate, and enjoy the Sherlock series!


Love of the Sport!

A year ago, I discovered a sport that changed my life: Rugby!

I got a new family!
People who trusts you and whom you trust, no matter what.
People who are always there for you.

1 juin 2013-1-34

Brothers! Sisters! And a lot of friends!

A contact sport, a fighting sport, a sport that unites.

1 juin 2013-1-33The famous scrum where 16 players collide and fight to gain the ball!

I will always be grateful for the opportunity that I got by joining my club.

Here are a few pictures!

1 juin 2013-1-37
A men’s lineout!

1 juin 2013-1-50
One of our men’s team! Aren’t they handsome?

What we deserve

Heard something today:
We get the love we think we deserve

It was in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Very good movie, inspiring and thoughtful.