Work, work, work

The worst after coming back from vacation, for me, is actually getting up in the morning. Not that I stayed in bed during my vacation, 6h45 am surfing class!!!

It’s more on the account that leaving bed means going back to real life, while my nights are all still spent in Costa Rica!

And getting up means work. I don’t mind it, but I’m not as excited about it as I used to be. Some is good, some is bad but everything adds up and becomes really stressful.

For instance, my advisor is pushing me to write my thesis, while I have to prepare for two oral presentation, one next week, in Quebec and the other at the end of June, in Montreal for the 2012 Goldschmidt Conference. I am also writing the newsletter of my lab which is late… and update the internet site.

Finally, I am on the student organizing committee of the said conference in June. We have to take care of all the volunteers. We have to make the schedules of the 100+ volunteers accommodating their availabilities, make sure that every tasks will be done.

Also, I just miss the ambiance. For two weeks, I was going out to small soda (local restaurant) to eat with new friends, we would sometimes go out at night and party. Going surfing every morning. The heat.

Now, I have to make food for one… depressing at best. At least there’s a lot of leftovers! And instead of speaking to people, I am back alone in front of my computer screen. Good point is that I love editing, so I’m going through my old photos and I edit them with Lightroom, really nice and easy program.

Often I am caught planning my next trip! It’s so much more exciting!

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