Volcano in a cornfield?

Have you ever heard the story of the volcano that grew in a cornfield???
It’s true!  It’s the story of the Paricutin.
The volcano destroyed the nearby city when it violently erupted in 1943.

Here is a picture of the ruins of the town’s church.

We started the ascent of the Paricutin, early morning.

The way to the top took near on 3 hours. We had to cross the black lava field. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Mordor, a very hellish country in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but it was exactly like that. We reached the volcanic cone, a 1,400 feet (400 meters) slope of black ash. The climb was exhausting, because it was generally two steps forward then one step back. You had to fight every moment. The heat was almost unbearable in that blackened landscape.

We had a well deserved rest at the top, near the sulfurous gas rejecting, crater.

Going down was rather easy, it almost took a minute! Just had to run down this very steep slope!

Then we marched for a couple more hours around the lava field to get to the ruins of the old city, where we saw the church, the only building that was saved from the wrath of the volcano.

At that point, most everyone was dangerously dehydrated, me included. We had brought water, but it wasn’t enough… and there weren’t any water source.

A short walk brought us back to our bus, and refreshments. Water for some, soda for others and beer for almost everyone else!!!

In the end, it was a nice day of learning. It was after all, a school fieldtrip!


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