Peaceful Lake

A very quiet beach in Waterton, Alberta

May 2009

The city is in a national park, so the land, plants and animals are protected. Deers and wild goats walk freely in town.

Sitting on that beach, alone, the only sound I could hear was the water on the rocks and the wind in the valley. Those mountains, in the back, are part of the Glacier National Park in Montana.

I often dreamed of the peace I found there, and might not find anywhere else!


2 comments on “Peaceful Lake

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    I love Waterton But I believe it was snowing in June when I was there, lol…and the wind on the bluff, I thought I was going to fly away. 🙂

    • layris says:

      Yeah, totally!!! I went early May and it was all white and so windy! We went to the Prince of Wales hotel and had fun with the wind!

      Thanks for your comment!

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