Down we go!

It’s been a while.
I miss writing and posting pictures.
I’ve been too occupied with starting my PhD and stuff…

So I’ll try to pick it up again!

Last year, at the beginning of March, I had the chance to go to Hawaii!!! Being a geologist, I was really excited! Moreover, it was paid for because I was going with a group of undergraduate students!!

We saw some nice beaches (some green, some black and some white!), warm water and volcanoes (sadly for my geek side, no lava… even if it’s better that way for the locals).


At the end of the trip, with some girls, we went skydiving in the North of Oahu!
It was not my first time, but it was amazing nonetheless!

The sky, the mountains and the sea in perfect harmony!
We even saw a whale!

Hawaii 2015


And that’s me upside down!




In the end, I had a lot of fun!

Hawaii is a very nice place and I got to meet some really cool people as well!

I hope I get the change to go back someday!



Long Time in the Making!

Sorry it took so long for this post.

I went on a little adventure across the ocean.
I started in London, then headed to Brussels and finished in Scotland!

I’m editing my pics right now, but here’s one!!!

Faerie Glenns

Faerie glenns

A beautiful place a got to visit on the Isle of Skye, in the North of Scotland!
The island was used during the shooting of the movie Stardust (2007)!!!

Awesome movie by the way! And the landscapes are amazing!

I will try to put some more pics of my trip very soon!

Wishes to the seas

I was remembering my latest trip to Costa Rica and found this picture!

My last afternoon in paradise!

In Playa Jaco, going surfing one last time… I’m not far behind with my longboard!

The pictures were taken by a friend, no credits to me there!

I wish I could go back. I miss living the Pura Vida!